Does Activa have standard plans and display homes?


As a custom builder, Activa Developments designs each new home (or development) from scratch based on our clients brief.  However, we do have an extensive catalogue of plans from previous builds that can be used as a basis for those who are unsure where to start.  We work closely with all of our clients to ensure that our designs meet their vision, budget and lifestyle requirements.  Activa Developments does not have any display homes, but we are more than happy to show our clients recently completed homes as well as homes under construction.  We also have some fantastic previous clients who are generous enough to open their homes to others for viewing.

How soon will you start building?


We pride ourselves on saving our clients time and money by getting to site as quickly as possible. Our record is 8 weeks from initial client contact to slab down! As a client, there are also things that you can do to speed up the process. Creating an ideas board will help you at pre-start when it comes to making your colour selections. Also, as banks require more and more documentation for finance approvals, working with your bank and/or broker to make sure everything is in order will assist in getting your property to site as soon as possible.

Can I subdivide my block of land?


Subdivision, and consequently how many buildings you can fit on your block, is all dependent upon the zoning as per your local councils Town Planning Scheme. There may also be other considerations such as Detailed Area Plans. Our team have an in depth knowledge of the Residential Design Codes and extensive experience in working with local councils to achieve the maximum benefit on subdivisible development land. We can also assist you with the strata process.